Letter Testimonials

College Planning ABC did more than just guide me through the college application process. It fought for the best financial options they could get for me, and the reassurance of having people on my side who knew what they are doing helped me to stay calm. In the end, I received with over $15,000 in scholarships and grants to attend UC Berkeley this fall as a Linguistics major.
Manuel was always friendly and listened sincerely to the problems I had, whether it was about my unique residential status or about formats and grammar in my application essays and resume. I am so glad that I heard about this organization; it was completely worth the money!

I snuck it in there!

I have been trying to capture in one word our experience in working with Manuel at College Planning ABC.
We were introduced to him by a relative who worked with him to get his daughter into college. At first I was skeptic on how he can help us get into private colleges as we could not afford them. After working with Manuel and his team, our daughter got accepted into many private and public colleges. The process was smooth and stress-free, which leads me to sum this experience in one word “CSF”.

Manuel delivered a College Stress Free (CSF) experience to us.
He did that while delivering his College Success Factors (CSF) that were well documented, thorough and simple to understand.
All while striving to get College Secure Funding (CSF) which enabled us to afford private education for our daughter.

Our daughter will be going to a private school of her choice with a decent financial award.
We already started early with our younger daughter and I know what to expect this time: a full CSF experience!

G. Skaff

Just an FYI and a big THANK YOU.

Cody made the decision on Sunday and we sent our commitment and housing deposits to LMU.

We couldn’t be happier.
It is utterly important to note that despite moving to the best schools in our district AND being totally involved at school as a volunteer…. somehow I missed the boat with respect to understanding how college applications and financing worked. WITHOUT ATTENDING YOUR SEMINAR, we would never have applied to private school or retaken the SATs, taken the ACT, etc etc etc. Your guidance set in motion wheels that would never had turned.

Your help in this process allowed Cody to dream big, and he did. He not only dreamed it, but will make it a reality next year with some major financial assistance from the schools, and for less than the cost of UCD. We are feeling very blessed and profoundly grateful. Cody is on Cloud Nine.
Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

The Wolterman Family

Your knowledge of this whole overwhelming process of college is remarkable.

You are somewhat of a strategist to put all of these pieces together for a college planning business. I have met with other college advisors and your service is very unique compared to many others in the area. We made a great choice to work with you.

I was very skeptical about your services because I know we did not qualify for financial aid. You proved me wrong by showing us that we could get money from the schools. The information that you provided us with the free money from the universities helped us decide on where to go and what schools we can compete for more money.

Your service has resulted in a $19,500 university grant and scholarship hopefully every year from Claremont McKenna College. This could be close to $100,000 savings off college for us.

Now, I can buy a new boat!

Please show others this letter if they are seriously considering your services.


S. Bowles

San Jose, Ca


We were praying for help for college and then we saw your article in the paper.

We figured this had to be a sign from God. We attended your workshop and immediately liked you from your presentation. My daughters enjoy working with you and you have been such a tremendous blessing in our life. You make everything so easy for us to do and follow along with you as you educate us about the schools, and how much money we are expected to receive. I was doubtful at your article when you said that we can send our daughter to college for the same price of a used car. It was lots of preparation for us and Cynthia over the year. Thanks for preparing us to get the best college education for our kids.

Now, she will be attending University of Southern California for just over $15,000 per year.

God has given you a tremendous gift to bless others with your knowledge just like us.

God Bless,

Ventura Family

San Jose, CA


I wanted to express our sincere Thank You for helping us get through the college process.

As being new and inexperienced parents to college planning we were lost and had virtually no idea of where to go and where to start. You have put our minds at ease and showed us the best way to send our two kids to college, “without going broke”. We are amazed of the knowledge and expertise that you have given us, even our CPA wants to work with you! He was very impressed with your ideas on how to save money and have the IRS help pay for some of it. You should do taxes!

Thanks to you we are going to be able to pay for our kids’ college with the budget that we had in mind and you showed us how to pay off our home 10 years earlier while still paying for college.

You are a Genius!!


S. Porter

San Jose, CA

I really think that your program is a good fit for my son and daughter. They really connect with you and they enjoy working with you and helping them plan for their college experience.

As parents, we really would like to give our kids the best possible things in life. My wife and I feel that your program is helping them get a better shot at life and at a getting into a great college. I definitely feel that your leadership program is going to help them become better leaders and communicators. It’s definitely true that my kids will get the experiences and knowledge of what it takes to become a successful person right now in high school. We feel that these skills are such an asset to acquire at such a young age.

Thank you for everything



My name is Steve Perriera Sr. and I would like to say a few words about my experience with Manuel at College Planning ABC.

A couple of the things I like most about Manuel are his energy and his enthusiasm which make him a great fit with my family as I am a single dad raising 2 teenage boys. Manuel has really helped my son and I get on track as to what each of us needs to be doing to get him ready for college. I look at it this way, when I have a legal matter I hire a lawyer and when I do my taxes I hire a tax preparer so it makes sense to me that I would hire someone who has the expertise and knowledge like Manuel to guide my son through the most important task of his college education.

I highly recommend Manuel of College Planning ABC.


Steve Perriera Sr.

Dear Manuel,

Thank you so much for helping us out. We were concerned about the cost of college for my daughter, Jasmine.

She is going to her school of choice, UC Davis. She will be attending in the fall and the cost was going to well over $22,000 for the year. By using your services our family contribution went down from $16,542 to $10,047. We saved over $6,495 per year; this means that we are saving $25,980 over the next four years. This also means that we are sending our daughter to UC Davis for 4 years, but really only paying for 3 years. Your services have really put my mind at ease about how to pay for college and we are looking forward to even saving more money with the ideas that you are sharing with us. We are definitely glad that we had met you and are using your services. We would like refer you anyone that is interested in saving thousands off the cost of college.

Thank you so much for you guidance and help with paying for college.


Flor Pante

I’m not even a client of yours and yet you treated me as if I was one. I really appreciated your time that you spent speaking with my daughters about how to get more aid.

This year they are hoping to use the things that you have told us about negotiating the packages to get more aid. I would never of thought that we could even ask for more money. I thought that if that’s the price. Then that’s the price you have got to pay. After meeting with you, you have given us so much great information on what to do for our situation that we will be able to get at least $2,000 more per year per kid. That’s pretty good for a 1 hr of meeting.

I’m a single dad working 2 jobs to provide for my family and I don’t have the time to try to learn all this stuff for college. I don’t have money to hire you for your services but I think your program is great and very helpful to many families. I will work on my finances this year and get back to you to use your knowledge. I STILL HAVE 3 MORE YEARS FOR THEM TO BE DONE WITH SCHOOL.

Thanks for your time!

Mark Barringer