College Planning ABC uses the following 16-point quality checklist guaranteed to recap and save you the most money on your college tuition cost:

  1. Assist you with your college search
  2. Conduct a thorough student interview
  3. Calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  4. When applicable, make recommendations to reduce your EFC
  5. Make recommendations to pay for your EFC on a tax-favored basis
  6. Complete the Fedral Student Aid (FAFSA) application
  7. Register for the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile
  8. Complete the CSS Profile
  9. Confirm the accuracy of the Student Aid Report (SAR), and make necessary adjustments
  10. Complete verification forms
  11. Complete any institutional forms
  12. Direct all financial aid negotiations
  13. Assist in the completion of Subsidized Stafford Loan application
  14. Assist in the completion of Unsubsidized Stafford Loan application
  15. Provide a “Planning Checklist” of what will be done for you, and when it will be done
  16. Implement financial recommendations

Service Guarantee

We guarantee that we will provide all of the services that are listed on our college planning agreement and do it on time. If you are not 100% satisfied at the end of the process with our services you have the right to ask for your money back, every single penny. Yes, we will spend our time and resources servicing your needs with the opportunity for you to ask for a complete refund. It sounds ridiculous to invest over 30 hours of our expertise in college admissions process and college financial planning to offer such guarantees. I know, but this is my integrity to my clients.  Please see the qualifications on your membership agreement for requesting a refund.

Why don’t you promise Money Results if your service is so great?

Great Question! I used to offer such guarantees and I would love to put it out to the world again that I can save and show families a 300% guarantee. However, due to recent change in law with the Federal Trade Commission I cannot make such statements.  Many of my clients have saved thousands of dollars and have benefited from my services by more than a 1,000 fold.

 Does every client that engages in services save money?

The reality is NO. Every single family and student is unique, and each has their own unique situation for being admitted or obtaining financial aid. See type of families that I work with.


Type of families that I work with

Affluent Families: (250,000+)

Many affluent families seek help to get admitted to the best colleges in the nation, any discounts for them would be beneficial either in tuition discounts, tax deductions, saving time and less stress.

 Middle Income (70,0000-150,000)

Families want to get their child to the top colleges and get discount to make it affordable. These families make too much money to qualify for financial aid, and don’t have all of the money to fund college.  These types of families need the most help. Working with our team will provided resources on how to reduce the cost of college in grants, scholarships and providing solutions to pay for college.

Upper Middle Income (150,000-250,000)

These families also need help because there is no need based financial aid and no federal tax benefits. They can pay for college but would have to utilize all or majority of their resources to pay for college.

 Lower Income (Below $70,000)

Families want the best admissions and the best financial aid packages.  They have a total financial need and want their child to go to some of the best colleges with little or no out of pocket cost to the family.

  Other Families

Some families just want to get their child admitted to a college and attend.  Their child is an average student and does not want to start off college at the local community college. Their student can qualify to be admitted to a university and are willing to send their child off to college somewhere.

The “I Just Want Help” Families

These families just have no time, and no patience to get their student to do anything. Usually, the student doesn’t listen to the parent much at this age and parents just want someone else to help them through this process.  This family is just tired and frustrated with their talented student that just won’t listen to them. Parents, it’s not your fault. It’s hormonal! Give it a few more years, and they will come around more to talk to you. Give them 10 years and then they will tell you, “I should of listened to you”.

This is why when I meet or speak with you in our 1-1 consult meeting, I inform families if they are a good fit for me to work with and if you can benefit from our relationship.  I only take on families that I know I can help save money or I know that I can meet their expectation. I only want to work with families that I can make the biggest impact. This is why my reputation in the industry has been impeccable and the public has responded in overwhelming response with hundreds of families coming through my Free College Planning Workshops every month.