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The New VIP Treatment in College

Posted by Manuel Fabriquer on Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 8:49 PM

Going away to college used to be the place and time where a young person learned to handle basic life skills.  For many youths, this is the moment when they are responsible for doing their own laundry, cleaning their own living area, and shopping on their own.describe the image

Well, today this rite of passage may have become a distant memory of a bygone era.  Let me explain.  You may remember an old Rodney Dangerfield movie called, “Back to School”.  In this film, Dangerfield goes back to college, but not before having his personal staff remodel his dorm room and take care of all his daily living needs (including regular massages). 

Now, life has imitated fiction with the introduction of Concierge Services.  Many colleges like Babson and Tufts University are providing these services to their students.  At other schools, the concierge services are being provided by local enterprising companies. 

What Do These Companies Offer?

These concierge companies do just about anything their client’s request such as: decorating apartments, obtaining academic tutoring, getting restaurant reservations, planning parties, taking care of laundry services, and maid services…just to name a few.

The Cost?

So, what does it cost to have the equivalent of a butler?  The average cost is $300 per month plus the actual cost for the requested service.  In many cases, this cost is being paid by parents or at the very least partially subsidized by them.  Many parents who use the service advocate for it.  They feel that providing these services assures their children are taken care of while they are away from home.  For example, one mother used a concierge service to plan her son’s 21st birthday because she was too far away to do it herself.

Some commentators don’t look at the concierge service as a particularly good thing.  They cite the fact that these services don’t allow young adults to grow up.  Furthermore, it teaches them that life basically comes down to delegating everything and life is just not like that.  Finally, they argue that these services breed a sense of superiority among the students.  Basically, not everyone can afford this VIP service.  

So, what are your thoughts?  Should students be allowed to have access to the concierge services?  Do you think it is a good idea or something that will prevent the student’s development?

Share your thoughts below.  We always try to keep you aware of the latest developments in college life so you can make the very best decisions….