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The Most Expensive Colleges and Universities in America Today

Posted by Manuel Fabriquer on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 1:55 PM


We all hear stories and reports from various sources telling us that college costs are rising at an alarming rate.  However, it is not at every college.  Which ones are a bargain, and which ones are truly very expensive? 

Now, the Education Department has just completed doing an analysis of the nation’s most expensive colleges and university.  This report was commissioned by Congress and includes both private and public institutions. 

The purpose of the report was to shame colleges and universities who have been significantly increasing tuition prices.   However, the final report that was completed also includes the names of the least expensive private and public schools. 

It is important to understand what this report is including as costs.  All the schools are ranked according to their tuition net prices.  In other words the tuition noted in the report is the cost of the tuition after the average scholarships and grants are deducted.   This means the actual “off the shelf” price would be a lot higher.

Report Highlights

Here is something interesting that I gleaned from a quick review of the report.  Just looking at the net price listed in the report, it appears that eight of the 10 most expensive institutions are art schools or music conservatories.

Furthermore, as you can imagine just a bit over half of the priciest schools are located on the East Coast and another five are located in California.

Take a Look For Yourself

The Education Department has developed a simple interactive website where anyone can do a free search based on several factors and have an instant report.  You can access the site here:

Even Better

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