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How Free Advice May End Up Costing You The College of Your Dreams

Posted by Manuel Fabriquer on Wed, Oct 5, 2011 @ 1:38 PM

I was once told the most expensive advice is “Free Advice” .  This advice appears to be alive and well today.  Let me share a story of what just happened in my office.

I met with a family today that came to see me in my office to discuss college for their daughter. They are from a local high school in a more affluent area in the bay area.

The father wanted to discuss their odds of their daughter getting in at the top UC Colleges such as UC Berkeley, UC LA, and UCSD.  He told me that they did research and discovered that the UC schools are no longer requiring subject exams for admissions. They were also told from their high school counselor that UCB actually declines students that take subject exams. (Totally Wrong!)

I was taken aback just a bit from this "Free Advice" but told him, that what he was saying is partially true.  The UC colleges are no longer requiring these exams for admissions. 

And Now The Rest of The Story....

However, let’s take a look at the logical thinking here about these colleges. Let’s discuss UC Berkeley, which is considered, “The Ivy of the public school system”.

I have worked with hundreds of students in the past years and I have yet to see any student get into UC Berkeley without taking the subject exams. However, it is true that this is the first year that this requirement has been eliminated from the admission requirements.

Last year there were over 50,000 applicants that applied to UC Berkley, since the UC system has decided to drop the subject test requirements.

Small Fish in Big Pond Situation

What do you think is going to happen to the amount of applicants that apply to UC Berkeley this year?  The answer, there are going to be even more students applying.  Why? Because many students will be thinking that they can get into UC Berkeley without taking subject exams. 

This is exactly what the UC Systems wants; they want more applicants to apply to the college, simply because of money. Have you heard of,” Budget Cuts”.

If the UC system increased their amount of applicants by 10%, let’s assume all of the UC’s have 50,000 additional applicants. The colleges are not adding more seats to accommodate the increase in applicants.

They are already having a challenge getting the students out of college in a 4 year period. This means that there is going to be additional revenue of $,3,250,000 in application fees.  This is a nice revenue bump by just stating they do not require subject exams. 

The fact of the matter is that admission to these top colleges is going to be difficult because of the amount of applicants and competition. Good Luck to anyone if they think that getting to the TOP COLLEGES in the nation  is now easier. The fact is All these colleges want to see students striving for more and to be more competitive in their Freshman Class.

The Bottom Line

I believe that students should continue to take the subject exams because I do not see how they are going to differentiate themselves from the rest of the admission pool.

Maybe you can prove me wrong and show me that you got your student into UCB, UCLA, and UCSD without taking the subject exams. Please show me, I would love to be proven wrong.

This would mean the top public schools are opening their doors to more students of lesser caliber, I doubt it! If anything, they are going to admit more families that can afford college and less of those who they have to give “Free Rides” or high financial need. 

The colleges cannot admit every student that qualifies that has a need. They need more full-pay families to balance the admissions and financial aid for those who cannot afford the college.

Now more than ever you need the services of College Planning ABC to guide you properly to the college of your choice.  Call me today and let me show you what is really possible.

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