We Will Help Your Child Get Into The College of Their Dreams- And Help You Find The Money to Pay for It

We teach students how to get into their college of choice and teach the parents how to pay for college without going broke. We utilize our extensive resources and knowledge of admissions and the financial aid system to maximize parent’s financial aid and merit aid awards from the colleges. We show parents options of what are the best means to maximize their financial situation during the college years so that they can still afford college without sacrificing their retirement.

Are You Worried You Do Not Have Enough Money Saved for The Four Years of College for Any of Your Kids ?

The problem that most families have is that they have worked hard through the years and have saved for their retirement, but for some families have not saved enough for college. Like many, time just passed and now the children are about to enter college. Stressed about the college expenses and affording college today can be a daunting experience without the help of an expert that knows about college and the financial system.

Another problem for some families is that their children’s age gap is typically 2-3 yrs apart. Many families come to see me with about 1 year of college saved, but have 2 -3 children to pay for college. Many of the children are very talented students that would be successful going straight into a 4 year university. The student’s ambitions in life are not matching up with their parent’s savings accounts to afford college. It’s not your fault, I’m sure you are loving and caring parents that just want the best opportunities in life for your children. Raising children are very expensive; I know I have two children myself.

We Will Show You How to Get Grants and Scholarships That Will Help You Maintain Your Lifestyle, Save for Retirement, and Still Send Your Child to the Best University They Can Get Into

The goal is to still maintain the same lifestyle, contribute to retirement and still pay for their child’s educational expenses. Providing the solutions to families that want to maximize their child’s college education and minimizing their out of pocket costs. Click here to view parent and student testimonials.

Sounds Good, Now What?

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